Gracenote: Busy, but Bothered!

The book of Luke, Chapter 10, records the story of two sisters, one by the name of Mary, and the other by the name of Martha. And the two sisters are hosting a guest in their home, who happens to be Jesus. In the text we notice that Martha is Busy. She is Busy preparing, perhaps, a meal for Jesus, and doing all the things that go along with being a good host, or hostess. But, a closer look at the text reveals that not only is Martha Busy, but she is also Bothered. She is bothered by the fact that her sister Mary is not helping her in the kitchen, but is, rather, sitting at the feet of Jesus, hanging on to his every word, while she does all the work.

Notice, both are doing a “GOOD THING”, but Martha is so bothered by Mary’s choice to sit and hear the word that Martha is missing out on the “BEST THING”.(Jesus is the best thing). I want to submit for your consideration, the fact that sometimes GOOD is the enemy of BEST, and sometimes the enemy will use a good thing to distract you from the best thing.

In a culture of hectic schedules and the relentless pursuit of productivity, we are tempted to measure our worth by how busy we are, by how much we accomplish, or by how well we meet the expectations of others. In fact, much of our busyness and distraction stems from the noblest of intentions (they are good things). We want to provide for our families, we want to give our children every opportunity to enrich their lives, we want to serve our neighbors, we want be good employees, we want to give back to our community etc. but if we are not careful, we, like Martha, can become so Busy doing these good things that we fail to do the best thing. It is not coincidental that the bible says, seek ye first the Kingdom of God and its righteousness. It is because seeking the kingdom is the “best thing”. The same passage lets us know that when we seek the best thing first, all the good things will be added unto us.

It’s a matter of priorities and prioritizing! Never prioritize your Good thing, over God’s Best thing! Martha prioritized Good over Best and ended up Bothered, and as it was with Martha, so it is with you and I, anytime we give greater priority to the good, rather than the best, we end up bothered, frustrated, upset, joyless and sad.

Pastor Michael C. McGill
Grace Place Christian Church
3784 S. Main St., Hope Mill NC

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